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Powering Decentralized Digital Transformation

The 8gig Developer Network unites software authors, contributors and users building the next layer of infrastructure and democratizing access to blockchain and other advanced technologies.

Our Mission

The Foundation and its partners are developing a decentralized innovation economy to disrupt entrenched, centralized SaaS companies and thereby catalyze the next wave of rapid software innovation. We do this by directly connecting business users of software with the creative force behind software creation - developers.  It is estimated that by 2022, global spending on digital transformation initiatives will top $2 trillion USD.  Using the Piece of Eight token-powered ecosystem, the Foundation’s mission is to place the power back in the hands of individual developers and enable them to capture their share of this multi-trillion dollar digital transformation market.

Piece of 8

The Piece of Eight, also known as the Spanish Dollar, was a silver coin minted in the Spanish Empire after 1598 and was widely used by many countries as the first world currency. As we transition to this new crypto paradigm, the Foundation felt it fitting to borrow the name from this globally accepted, foundational and transformational coin.

During the conquest of the New World, pirates were known to intercept ships transporting large quantities of Pieces of Eight, in open rebellion of the seat of European power. The time has come for software efforts around the world to be propelled forward independently of the mainstream SaaS and traditional software giants.
It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy.
- Steve Jobs

Why Tokens?

The advent of blockchain technology has provided an unprecedented opportunity to disrupt the way marketplaces function. By tokenizing the 8gig network, we can align incentives, enable interactions, and encourage desired behavior among network constituents like never before.

Aligning Incentives

The 8gig Network’s unique staking model allows creators, users, and consumers of software to enjoy a thriving, self-governing ecosystem that is controlled by the same people who make it valuable. Participants no longer need to pay for the privilege of having a centralized power administrate interactions. Instead, they can now work to improve their reputation score in order to take on different leadership roles within the 8gig Network.

Reducing Friction in Cross-Border Transactions

In any global marketplace, transacting in fiat currency comes with a cost.  By utilizing a native token, we can reduce transaction friction and enable cross border cooperation without having to pass on additional costs to users.  The blockchain’s properties of immutability and finality also provide an advantage to developers, who no longer need to worry about their ability to get paid, charge backs, or the delays associated with the traditional banking system.


Tokens also allow for the gamification of work performed in the ecosystem.  While the 8gig network was created as a means of allowing individual developers to capture their share of the $2 trillion digital transformation market, there’s no reason why it can’t be fun.  By creating a token-powered ecosystem, the 8gig network increases transparency, aligns incentive, cuts costs, and allows developers to monetize their skillset in a fun and interesting way.

8gig is a network of software developers working to accelerate enterprise software efforts around the world. By joining the 8gig Network, developers can build a business model around their skillset without creating an entire technology company or relying on intermittent freelance work.

Only Work on Cool Stuff

Through our collaboration with 8base, let the Serverless Chassis do the mundane work while you focus on true innovation.

Be A Hero

Not all heroes wear capes! Leverage low-code tools to build robust and scalable solutions 10 times faster.

Get Paid

Get paid for work requested by the community or on a recurring basis for complete submissions to the marketplace.


Our technology delivers the next layer of infrastructure for blockchain, bridging the gap between the protocol layer and the end-user, while driving modern design thinking into application user interfaces - this will have a massive democratizing effect on the rollout of blockchain.

Market Opportunity

All businesses today are under extreme pressure to incorporate digital capabilities into all aspects of their customer-facing and internal business processes. These digital transformation initiatives will disrupt industries of every kind.  The IDC estimates that by 2022, spending on worldwide digital initiatives will top $2 trillion annually.

Unfortunately, until now, individual developers have not been well-positioned to capture market share from large SaaS incumbents.  In order for developers to capture the benefits of this movement and compete with large SaaS incumbents, they will need to leverage tools to level the playing field.  To provide developers with a chance to level the playing field and disrupt larger, heavily entrenched incumbent SaaS companies, the Foundation is developing the decentralized innovation economy empowering developers to grab their share of this market opportunity.  

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology possesses the potential to revolutionize business models across all industries. Blockchain’s core properties of immutability, consensus and decentralization are highly sought after by businesses looking to be at the forefront of innovation and competition.

While any serious digital transformation initiative must consider what blockchain offers, most application development platforms lack blockchain-specific capabilities. Most software development efforts must therefore rely on highly specialized, rare and expensive blockchain developers to incorporate these technologies.

The 8gig Network utilizes blockchain to capture an immutable reputation score for developers worldwide while also allowing developers to incorporate blockchain-based capabilities into built applications.


The Piece of Eight Foundation is building a decentralized innovation economy to facilitate individuals in cooperating with one another in the development of innovative software applications. With the advent of blockchain technology we have the ability to enable cooperation among participants worldwide like never before.  The Foundation facilitates cooperation between participants in the economy through the use of a blockchain-based reputation and coordination system, all enabled by the Piece of Eight token.

As software development continues down the path of decentralization, end-users will be able to exert greater influence on the way the applications they use improve and advance.  By offering a way for the end-user to directly impact the software development process, the resulting product will be more desirable to the user.

Our Advisors

The Piece of Eight Foundation is proud to be supported by leading industry experts.

Greg Gilman

Founder of Science Blockchain
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Greg Gilman

Founder of Science Blockchain

Greg is founder of Science Blockchain and co-founder and general counsel of Science Inc. He's a founder and Managing Director of the $75 million Science Ventures Fund. He served on the boards of HelloSociety, Famebit, and PlayHaven until each was acquired and currently sits on the board of Mammoth Media among many others. He is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of RxVantage a leading SaaS provider for the healthcare industry, and previously served as a Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Law at Pepperdine University School of Law, where he designed and taught courses in intellectual property and licensing. He also held FINRA (previously NASD) Series 7 and Series 63 licenses.

Our Partners